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A receipt is a document that verifies an exchange of value. Issued after payment is transferred for goods, services, or other types of transactions, receipts are important for consumers as well as business record keeping and tax purposes. 

Receipt Templates: By Type

Need to create a receipt for a client or customer? Browse receipt types designed for specific transaction types.


What is a Receipt Template?

Receipt templates are pre-made documents that can easily be tailored to fit individual needs. Depending on the type of transaction, different required fields and layouts may be included. Starting from a template is a fast and straightforward way to create a professional receipt. 

Types of Receipt Templates

  • Rent receipt template – Issued by landlords to tenants to confirm the partial or full payment of rent. 
  • Payment receipt template – The standard written proof of payment issued from businesses to their customers to document the purchase of goods or services. 
  • Cash receipt template – A statement documenting the transfer of legal tender (currency or coins) in any transaction. Both parties should retain copies of the receipt for their records. 
  • Donation receipt template – Issued by charitable organizations, such as 501(c)3 nonprofits, to confirm the receipt of a monetary or in-kind donation. Receipts are required for donations valued at $250 or more. 
  • Sales receipt template – Sales receipts are issued from vendors to consumers, usually at the point of sale. They should include an itemized list of goods purchased and per-unit cost, as well as sales taxes.
  • Child care receipt template – Includes information about the care provider, parents or guardians, child, and the details of care, such as total hours. Some child care expenses are tax-deductible. 
  • Auto repair receipt template – Comprehensively details all repair services and parts rendered by an auto mechanic or repair shop, with itemized costs.