Make professional receipts with ease

Official records for bookkeeping, taxes, and consumer transactions

Seal the deal with official receipts for your clients, customers, and partners

B2B Documentation for big-ticket deals and everyday business

B2C Flexible receipt templates for any consumer transaction

Freelance Confirmation of payment received for freelance services

Retail Proof of purchase for returns, resale, and expense tracking

It’s never been simpler to send receipts

  • User-friendly workspace online & on the go
  • Send receipts directly from the app
  • Flexible, modern design

Create a receipt in minutes and make a lasting impression.


By making and sending a receipt, you’re going the extra mile to stand out as a professional. You’re also providing the recipient with official documentation they may need for record-keeping purposes.

While invoices and receipts look similar in form (and both can be easily created and managed in Invoice Maker), an invoice is issued to request payment whereas a receipt is provided as confirmation that payment was completed.

Using online receipt making software to make your receipts will save you time, record your history for future reference, and give you a sophisticated end-product designed to impress.

We take your privacy seriously. All data is encrypted and secured so no one can ever access your sensitive business information.

According to the IRS, a receipt should be kept for 3 years.