Rent Receipt Template


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A rent receipt template is a document recording a payment towards the rental of property. This receipt can apply to housing as well as private property rentals. The property owner issues the receipt after they’ve received payment from the renter.

It’s wise for both parties to sign rent receipts, so no question remains whether they agree to the charge. Both owners and renters should save these documents for proof of payment and long-term financial record-keeping.

Types (3)

What to Include

  • Amount paid;
  • Description of the rented property;
  • Outstanding balance (if applicable);
  • Payment method (cash, check, credit card, other);
  • Property owner’s information (name, address, phone number);
  • Rental period (dates, hours, etc.);
  • Rental rate per rental unit (amount per hour/day/week, etc.);
  • Renter’s information (name, address, phone number);
  • Return date;
  • Total rental amount; and
  • Transaction date.