Equipment Rental Receipt


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An equipment rental receipt records a payment made towards renting a piece of equipment. Equipment owners can use it for total payments and payment plans.

This document applies to all kinds of equipment, including but not limited to audio equipment, construction machinery, film gear, office equipment, party supplies, and sports equipment. Some equipment, like large machinery and vehicles, may require proof of a certification or license to operate to rent.

What to Include

  • Equipment owner’s information (name, address, phone number);
  • Payment method (cash, check, credit card, other);
  • Rental period (dates, times);
  • Rental rate (amount per hour, per day, etc.);
  • Renter’s information (name, address, phone number);
  • Title and description of the rented equipment;
  • Total cost for the duration of the rental period; and
  • Transaction date.